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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Morning protest

Another day, another year at war. Another day, a new prime minister, happy at war. 3 years at war. Morning sunshine.
Sometimes the fathers of the families I work with are soldiers. I feel for their pain at being away from those who need them most. It reminds me of the barriers we all face in our own unique ways. All the senseless sorrow we suffer. And how we are all in this together. But we become seperated my policies, rules, laws, mores, ideas, morality, immorality, beliefs... In some moments, as in birth, a mother cannot be denied her strength to perceviere through her fear, her pain her experience. Her plea for support cannot always be ignored on account of policies. One by one, when we begin to see each woman as a unique individual, and we hear her needs, we may begin to unravel the policies of the maternity wards and replace them with what a mother needs. Piece by piece, we can put birth back into the hands of the birthing women of this world. All it takes is to listen to one another, and respect.


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