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Friday, March 10, 2006

My services at a glance

  • I attend home and hospital births in the Ottawa area
  • offer bilingual french/english support
  • use a holistic approach to childbirth (birthing from within)
  • encourage you to make your decisions and support your needs
  • help you write your birth vision/plan
  • am always on call (cell and landline)
  • have training through Mothercraft, the whole family center and as a psw
  • have a degree in Women Studies and Psychology
  • have done a 300 hour practicum in midwifery(non clinical)
  • have experience with supporting miscarriage, adoption, cas, teen, waterbirth
  • support lesbian women, single moms, diverse ethnic-race-cultures, unique family arrangements
  • have worked with 15 women since September
  • provide references
  • work with a fantastic backup, you will meet her if I'm you're doula
  • fees are flexible as I encourage you to create your own package
  • payment for my service is paid by certified cheque or in cash. One half of the fee is cashed when the contract is signed and the other half is cashed after the birth
  • provide prenatal information
  • provide postpartum support
  • take pictures of your birth if you like


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