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Monday, April 17, 2006

A collection of questions - and some potential answers

This might seem really un-private, but that's just the way the internet works...something as cute as a 'cookie' can tell the world alot about you. I've gathered some of the questions and ways people have found my blog and thought I could try to answer their questions. NB: I'm not a reliable source of information. Nothing I say here is more than my own personal opinion and especially where your health is concerned, it's best you ask your primary healthcare provider. In fact, every piece of information here is posted just for my own fun and sharing that is part of it but...get the picture? On that note, I do invite other bloggers to add their insight to these questions.


Absolutely. read this - enough said-

"epidural" "what stage of labour"

The earlier interventions start, the more chances for the domino effect. If you can manage without it, you don't need it. It's a drug people. Use it wisely.

are doulas covered under ontario insurance plans?

Unfortunaly no. Unless someone has a private health care plan that really kicks ass.

doula wage canada

The average cost for a doula in Canada is $500. That typically includes 2 prenatals, the entire birth and 1 post partum. That can typically break down to about $20-25/hour. But then there are a massive amount of hidden expenses such as gas, parking, photocopies, all the time investments, books, supplies ect ect ect. Also, most doula's can manage only about 4 births per month. Sometimes it's impossible to find even one paying birth per month, so when you start this career, make sure you have another source of income.

doula fees

You can expect to pay anywhere from $0 if you get someone as a volunteer who either is offering limited experience or because that's their kind way of volunteering in a cause they believe in. The average is $500, but I've also known women who have charged as high as $1200. I think this was a complete prenatal birth and postpartum package though.

believe in birth

Yes!! Believe in birth. Your body knows how and you can do it!!

on becoming midwife

Becoming a midwife is a process of lifestyle changes. You're entire philosophy, heart, shedule and family support should like to believe and be called towards it. My best advice is become a doula first! I didn't believe this at first, but now I believe it can make a huge difference. You get to be at births earlier than if you started to study midwifery, it lets you try out the lifestyle of being on call and working odd, sometimes 30+hour shifts and all that jazz. This is a much smaller investment htan relocating and paying tuition for a programme you might drop out of if you've never lived the experience and figure out you can't handle the life style(including political pressures to conform to mainstream ideologies)

birth rituals

A couple of years ago I did a project in a women in christianity course. We had to create a christian ritual. I, naturally, chose to create a birth ritual. Not be a very believing kind of person, I created a ritual that is multy faith instead. Basically, I boiled it down to the need to involve a community of support (family, friends). Birth(and death) happen behind closed doors in our society so I think its very important to widen that practice and make birth a part of our every day lives (because it is). I recommended that we set time aside each day or each week to come together as a family and be aware of the idea that birth is a very special part of our lives and that it is also a natural thing that is a process. Socially, birth is much like a funeral in the sence that there is social disruption. When we add or remove people from our social network, all of our roles change. Including becoming parents, grandparents, aunts...birth alters our social network so the transition might be helped with some sort of ritual.

birth art canada

Personally creating your own birth art can be fun and beneficial way of exploring issues such as fear, source of stregth and so on. Mediums to use can be clay, paint, crayons, weaving ect. Birthing from within is an excellent source. As for birh art to decorate your house with, I'll get back to you about that.

if your are pregnant can you give birth at 38 weeks

Yes. Babies are viable much sooner than that. But it's best to let nature take its course for uncomlicated pregnancies.

suggested questions for interviewing prospective midwives

My favorite is "can I or my partner catch the baby?" I think this is telling of the midwifes philosophy and hangups about births. I'm anxious to see what my eventual answer to this will be some years down the road.

Human cesarean pictures

I have some lovely vaginal birth pics...


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