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Friday, November 17, 2006


There are moments in time that are just plain beautiful. We had a blessingway for one of our fellow student midwives last week and it was awsome! Blessingways are a wonderful way to honour a mother to be and shower her with love, strength, courage and wisdom. There is a brilliant power that comes from being in that space that reminded me of the intuitive nature we all carry within. Women have a wonderful healing power. There is strength and incredible power in the humanity of our actions, words and wisdoms. I was empowered and relieved in sharing and being with a wicked brilliant group of women. I love that we are able to create this space within our journey into midwifery, despite the strange oppression some of us may feel in the quantitative, superficial, clinical and tightly structure academic mode of becoming a midwife. In keeping with the analogy of becoming a midwife being like becoming a mother, the blessingway was in many ways a symbol of our collective motherhood and passage into the realization that we are on our own journey into midiwfery. Of course, the focus was on the mother and child to be, it was just made to symbolize something greater than the journey of one woman but the journey we all share together in supporting one another along the way.


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