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Friday, July 14, 2006

The countdown is on!!

Today there are officially 14 days until I pick up my roots, my puppy and my loved one and make the move to Sudbury. And there are 45 days until the first big day as a student midwife. Since the letter of acceptance all sorts of doors have opened up. Especially this week where I got access to the forum to read about the issues and concerns of interest of the students that came before me. And I got to see the individual pictures of the other Midwifery students at Laurentian. I am amazed at all of this unfolding and very excited about this new world of opportunities. For years I've been searching for all the nooks and crannies on line and at the library searching for new people to talk to and all that jazz and now…I feel as if I’ve been given the all access key. I anticipate the readings and discussions (imagine a world where everyone wants to talk about midwifery related topics…!) I am also a bit nervous that for the first time in my life, I may actually feel over saturated with those elements that have become my passion. Naturally I will curse the anatomy course at 3 in the morning when I try desperately to make sense of the human body…but there we are. I look forward to this year and to the selfish dedication of my own growth and development. Life as a student is much, much more fulfilling than working for corporate crap. And it appears that I will in the end be able to continue my research work from my new location!! This summer, I have attended over 140 births. So to speak I guess since I’m playing with birth data, I feel like I’ve attended all of the births since I get the paper trail of all imaginable clinical detail for these births. Though in actual fact I have not seen one woman sweat in labour or seen the newborn puckered lips of a babe since last May and I miss it terribly. In any case, this summer has been bittersweet as I leave behind so much history and begin a crazy journey I’ve anticipated my entire life. It’s been surreal.


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