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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

waiting for baby...still!

I think it was a month ago that edd april 30 called to announce she was in labour, 3cm and contracting every 8 -20 minutes. She's been having this on and off labour type stuff going on for a long time now. The contractions gradually slowed to a stop and she started back with braxton hicks for the last 3 weeks. Today, some amniotic fluid trickled out and the mucus plug came free. Her Dr. said today that she was now at 4cm. That was 6 hours ago. 2 hours ago I went to help her with her kids (all five of them). I picked them up from daycare while she made dinner for them. She says she must continue with her routine so as not to make a fuss of this labour. She's anticipating an epidural since she must conserve her energy to come back as a single mom with 6 children to her name. Whoa baby, we've been waiting for you and finally, now we know that you will arrive and probably sometime in the night! My guess is that baby will be born at about 8 am based on what the afternoon has been like. Let's see what happens.

A beautiful baby boy was born on friday morning. I got a call at 7am from the mother and she said that things where just starting and that she was going to call the midwife next. She said she'd call me when things picked up. Baby was born at 8:46. In fact, things picked up so dramatically for this mother that she barely made it to the hospital to deliver. I think she must have left her house when she was fully dilated since baby came out less than 15 minutes after arriving in the hospital. When she arrived, the staff told her to lie down for an exam and she strictly said NO! There was a power struggle and then the midwife arrived (and saved the day). The mother said I'm going on the bed on all fours. Which she did. Baby was crowning and came into the world in a few valuable pushes. And this one was born on his edd.


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