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Friday, June 09, 2006

Hurry up and wait!!

Today I received a big white enveloppe from the office of the reigistrar. It contained a pile of papers but most importantly, it had the 'Course Selection and Timetable' catalogue in it. I still have not ironed out the transfer credits yet so I am not entirely certain of the courses I will be taking. But I have a pretty good indication. The year begins with a one week intensive which is an introduction to the profession of midwifery at the end of august before classes officially begin. The year itself will consist of these course: Anatomy and physiology, introduction to social work, health sciences for midwives, Biology and a lab, and women studies which I will no doubt be excused from. At the moment, it appears that I will have the day off on wednesdays as well as the weekends wich is a good way to break up the week. Oh it is starting to feel real! In any case, I am really happy to have already done a previous degree since making my schedule this time is a piece of cake compared to the first time around.
Now, about finding a place to live up there in the cold of northern Canada...can anyone help me? I guess it's still too early to rent for August. Bring on the waiting game...


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