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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

B line on the happy highway

I can't believe how fast time can just slip by... I have spent the last few weeks in high gear reorganizing the logistics of my life and trying to smoothly pick up my roots and my family with minimal bruising. Truth be told, when I received my acceptance letter to the midwifery program, I still needed to complete a prerequisite biology class. It became rather stressfull knowing that my future now rested on this one final exam, given that I needed a 70% average to pass. I wrote the exam, and as I waited for my results, a letter arrived in the mailbox much the way it had when I recieved my acceptance package. I was out the door with my pyppy for a summer walk. When I saw the return address I thought: "oh how exciting! A welcome letter!" Only when I opened it, hard words went through me like the apocalipse: "We regret to informe you that you have not been chosen for the..." Oh My G.... I walked through the dark of my mind back upstairs to the computer where I could find a phone number to the administration of this unforgiving school. I felt a variety of emotions as my body temperature rose and the world came back to colour. On the phone a sweet voice said to me " Yes, we had to reject you for the english program since we accepted you for the french one..." So everything is okay?! Yes yes all is good, just a momentary tragedy of plumeting high hopes. My grades came in and all is pickety boo! Hurrah for the faeries however mischivious they may be.

So I packed my partner and my puppy into the van and drove the 6 hours to the place I will relocate us to. We toured our new city and drove down every single street looking for the good neighbourhoods -park space for the pooch, safety a pretty flowers for me and a coffe shop and music store for the man. Not sure we found it but we did meet up with friends. I had a wonderful opportunity to meet up with a good friend and second year midwifery student who showed me around town. As student, we get the keys to the midwifery building on campus so I got an early bird tour of the classrooms and such. I thought to myself how fortunate I am to have a chance to be in those classrooms and in that space before the start of classes in september. I loved loved loved every minute of it.

Now it's a matter of finding a new place to call home, pack up and move my family. Thankfully I have a tremendous amount of support and a partner who is willing to give this crazy midwifery life a go. It's no coincidence that I got him to do paid research with a midwife in town. Now he has a seasoned midwifes( and her entire family's) perspectives on what to expect in the years ahead. And so do I.


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